Wine Country Vacation in Australias Margaret River

Margaret River is a beautiful place to visit if you’re a serious gourmet. However, it might be challenging to know where to get started with over 100 wineries spread out across a huge area

Thanks to direct flights from Melbourne to Busselton, Margaret River is a year-round vacation destination for international visitors¬† and even more east coast friends. Any time of year is a terrific opportunity to explore the cellar doors of the area on a wine-tasting vacation.¬† If you’re traveling with your family, arranging a private driver service to chauffeur you around is a great idea

If you’re looking for wineries to visit, here are a few of the region’s most renowned vineyards:

  • Hay Shed Hill, Wills Domain
  • Clairault Streiker Estate
  • Howard Park Wines
  • Cape Mentelle
  • Cullen Wines
  • Voyager Estate

Margaret River Wineries Facts:

Here are a few of the exciting facts about Margaret River Wineries:

  • In the 45 years after the first commercial vineyard was established at Vasse Felix Winery in 1967, over 100 wineries in the region.
  • The wineries of Margaret River are the ideal setting for a gourmet excursion. Many vineyards have fine dining establishments that serve the finest of the region’s products. Vegetables, organic avocados, strawberry and kirsch jam, macadamia nuts, dukkah, sheep’s cheese, olives and olive oil, venison, chorizo, truffles and fish are just a few of the delectable items available in the restaurants
  • For its Chardonnay Wine and Cabernet Sauvignon, Margaret River Wineries are recognized. You may also try Shiraz and Semillon Blanc, both excellent wine varieties.
  • Several Margaret River Wineries produce preservative-free wine, and a few wineries specialize in organic and biodynamic winemaking.
  • A visit to the vineyards and a chance to meet the winemakers are just two of the many options available on most wineries’ food and wine excursions. An excellent way to learn about wine production and manufacturing is by taking this tour.

Tips to get the most out of a wine tasting:

Here are few of the tips to make your wine tours super amazing:

  • After a few samples, you’ll lose track of which wine made you want more. Don’t forget to take notes, so you don’t forget what you liked most.
  • Asking queries of the tour guides and producers is helpful for alternative activities nearby. Ask for ideas for a delicious supper from locals who know the area. Wine is best enjoyed with good cuisine. The finest eateries in the area will be recommended
  • Don’t limit yourself to your favorites. At the same time, visit a vineyard and sample some different flavors and varieties.¬†
  • Don’t eat or drink anything that can affect your taste or scent. Coffee, fruity or mint gum or sweets will interfere with your palette and prevent you from tasting full. Similarly, thick sweet fragrances, cigars, and cigarettes. Avoid wearing strong fragrances and smoking before sampling to impair your own experience and the others in the room.
  • Hire a personal driver to chauffeur you and your friends around the wineries and breweries

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