Welcome to Maui, the Perfect Island Paradise

Hawaii is world-famous as a tropical paradise. Among all the Hawaiian Islands, Maui in particular holds a special status as a paradise above the rest. There are many reasons why this may be, but really, Maui’s marvels must be seen to be believed.

Visitors Welcome

Like most Hawaiians, Maui natives are proud of their “aloha.” More than a greeting, aloha is a philosophy and a way of life. In Hawaii, it’s even the law. Basically, aloha means hospitality and doing good by your fellow humans.

Beyond this, the main sector of Maui’s modern economy is the tourist trade. Whether staying in a five-star hotel or beachfront condo rental Kihei HI, Maui gives guests a warm welcome. Scenic cruises, overland tours, shopping and similar services are concentrated on Maui’s leeward coast around Kahului and Kihei, as well as the historic port of Lahaina.

Watersports Heaven

For people who love playing in the water, Hawaii is an utter utopia. On Maui, snorkeling and surfing of all sorts are popular pastimes. The best snorkeling beaches are on the south and west, or leeward, side of the island, while surfing is better off the windward north shore.

Stunning Scenery

Maui is called “the Valley Isle” after the narrow lava valley that cuts diagonally across the island between its western and eastern volcanic mountains. This varied topography produces distinct microclimates between the leeward and windward coasts, the central valley and mountainous areas. It also makes Maui a top contender for the world’s most breathtaking landscape.

The ultimate Maui nature experience is a drive along the Hana Highway, 52 miles of hairpin curves through jungle, over mountains and past waterfalls without number, ending in the remote and picturesque town of Hana. Nearby is Haleakala National Park, where sleeps Haleakala, a dormant volcano and Maui’s tallest mountain.

First-class infrastructure, friendly islanders and ample sunshine make Maui a prime spot for taking time off. Fly to the island and find out for yourself.


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