Tips for shopping at a mall: The 3 points that are worth noting

We all happen to go to malls for shopping and it is one of the most interesting and exciting experiences for many people. Considering that there are a number of modern day shopping centers, we have a lot of facilities that are likely to keep us engaged at the mall for the whole day or even more. Moreover, with many shops around, it gets hard to manage things and individuals usually end up spending a lot more than they estimate. Nevertheless, going to shopping best mall in Dubai is always a treat and here are our valuable tips for shopping in Dubai.

Make a list

There are a number of reasons why you should make a list. The primary reason why one has to create it is because it helps you in avoiding the unnecessary purchases. For instance, when you have just memorized things, you might be lured by other items. Moreover, you might forget something important too.

However, with the help of a list, you are certain of things that you have to buy. Also, you can categorize them and label them with ‘critical,’ ‘priority,’ ‘additional,’ and similar other words to identify which one are essential to purchase and which one can be left out.

Your budget

Budget is important yet many people think that it can’t be identified. Well, when you are moving out to a mall, you should lay out an estimate in front of you about how much money you have to be spent on the shopping. Whether it is $50, $500, or $5000, you should figure it out and stop shopping as soon as you hit the limit. If you have a flexible budget, i.e. $1000 or so, it is best to categorize it and keep the lions share for shopping while other for entertainment, movie watching, dining, and similar tasks.

Paying cash

As the recent research suggest, individuals that use cards for shopping tend to pay 20 to 50 percent more, regardless of the fact that you are using credit card or debit card. When we are using the cards, we just don’t get to figure out how much money we are spending. Pretty much like using the monopoly money, we keep on using it more and more, not knowing the actual about we are spending. And to top it all, the transaction and credit card fees are always coming into play.

There is no shame in keeping cash along. You can simply go out to a machine and get the cash once you have your shopping list ready. Moreover, estimating the budget, you will know how much you are spending and where you are spending. As you give cash to the shopkeepers by hand, you will realize the way you are giving the bucks and will think whether it is worth it or not.


So, these are certain things that you should consider when going to a shopping mall in Dubai. Make sure that you spend some time enjoying and feeling the environment than just rushing out to the mall and purchasing stuff.

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