How to tell if your cannabis is of good quality

You may have experienced bad batches when you smoke cannabis. This happens when your plants don’t get the right amount of light or hydration. Properly stored cannabis can cause them to lose their effectiveness and freshness. You might be concerned about low-quality cannabis. Here are some ways to keep your eyes open for potential problems. These are five signs that your cannabis is high quality before you start using it.

It was purchased from a dispensary.

You can be sure that the cannabis or CBD oil you have purchased from a cbd dispensary is of the best quality. However, there are many levels within that system. The less expensive cannabis, the more likely it will be of high quality. This is what the industry calls a “top-shelf product”. The higher the price, generally speaking, the better the product. This is good business. You will need to spend the money to purchase a premium product.

You can also trust the source of cannabis and oil products when you buy from a dispensary. You run the risk that you will get a product that has been tampered with or worse, could cause you harm.

There are many stems and seeds.

This is a bad thing if you’ve bought cannabis and found it full of seeds and stems. The higher quality cannabis products will usually have less debris. This debris will take the product away from you if you pay per gram. It is basically the waste associated with growing cannabis. It’s likely that it is not high-quality cannabis if you look through it.

Nothing smells.

You might not always be able to ask about the smell of cannabis if it is purchased from a dispensary. Even oil products can emit that same smell like cannabis. If your cannabis doesn’t have that smell or isn’t producing any, it may be too old or not mature enough. They don’t have the same pungent aroma that we know and love about high-quality cannabis.

The color you selected is incorrect.

You will have a good idea of the color of mature cannabis if you are a regular user. Older plants can turn auburn-brown in color and may look dingy to the eye. If the buds don’t appear to have a good color or aren’t smelling right, they may be too young to harvest.

It’s all about the strain.

You can greatly influence the quality of your cannabis, but you may not notice it if you’re a new user. Some strains are stronger than others. You want to get a high-quality cannabis product. Look for items that are thicker and larger before they are harvested. This is typically only true if you grow your own cannabis. You won’t see the plants of your dispensary supplier or the plant of the person you purchased cannabis from. This is a great way to see if your cannabis plants will be of a particular quality at home.

No matter if you purchase your cannabis from a dispensary, or from a trusted supplier, quality can never be guaranteed. Dispensaries have to deal with a new issue: shelf life. The amount of packaging you will need to go through to get your cannabis to you are ready to use it. You will quickly notice the difference between quality cannabis and low-quality cannabis. However, it won’t take long before you actually try it. You are now waiting for the effects of cannabis to kick in.

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