3 Reasons To Visit North Carolina This Year

As you start planning your next trip, take a look at North Carolina. While it may not have major theme parks like Florida or California, there are tons of other attractions to draw you in. Consider these three reasons to make North Carolina a top contender for your next vacation destination.

  1. Miles of Sandy Beaches

For many visitors, this is the top reason to book North Carolina coast rentals and head to the Tar Heel state. There are numerous opportunities to enjoy these beaches. You might choose to relax under an umbrella, stroll through quaint beach town, or indulge in a local seafood feast. Anglers can enjoy fishing from a pier or book a charter and head out for a deep-sea adventure.

Just how many miles of beach are in North Carolina? According to a coastal survey by ECU, North Carolina boasts 322 miles of ocean shoreline with another 12,000 miles of estuarine coastline along bays, sounds, and coastal wetlands.

  1. Rugged Mountain Terrain

North Carolina is also home to several mountain ranges that provide ample outdoor opportunities. Whether you want to challenge yourself on a hiking trail, enjoy a rappelling adventure, or relax by the fireside of a cozy cabin, the western part of the state will not disappoint.

Many visitors choose to take in the sights in and around Asheville. Hop off the Blue Ridge Parkway for a stop at the Biltmore mansion where you can relax in the spa, sample wine at the vineyard or visit boutiques in the shopping village.

  1. A Rich History

Even long-time residents may be surprised by the wealth of history NC has to offer. From the lost colony of Roanoke to the Wright brothers’ historic first flight to the resting place of Blackbeard’s Queen Anne’s Revenge, there is no lack of exciting historical events and places that help make North Carolina a great place to immerse yourself in the past.

North Carolina is a wonderland of mountain adventures, coastal oases and historical sites, making it an ideal place to visit on your next vacation.

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