Tested Ways of Effectively Dealing With Jet Lag

If you’ve ever traveled through multiple time zones, you’d know how disastrous can jet lag is for the mind and body. Everyone deals with it differently, and for some it can really take forever to get away with the symptoms of jet lag.If your trip is of a longer duration, you still have time to allow your biological clock to settle with the local times. If you’re on a short business trip, this can likely affect your performance since you hardly have any time to adjust to the local surroundings.Insomnia, nausea and fatigue are what most travelers with jet lag experience for extended hours. Here’s an ultimate guide of dealing with this effectively.1. Long Before Your Travel

Everyone’s mind reacts to jet lag in a different way. If your symptoms are worse in comparison to many others, you can always change the way you think and behave. But this is only fruitful if you adopt these habits before you travel, at least a week and ideally more.

Travelers who are used to a very rigid routine often find it tough to adapt to new surroundings. To battle with jet lag, adjust your clocks to the place you’re traveling to. Eat and sleep according to the new timings. This might be very unusual in the beginning, but definitely worth the effort.Opt for a night flight because the chances are that you’ll enjoy daylight once you land at your destination. It’s easier to adapt to the new schedule in that manner.2. Practices During Flight

Your inflight habits can really determine the kind of symptoms you’ll experience once you land. Luckily, there is something you can control. It may seem extremely tempting, but you must avoid alcohol during the flight. Alcohol intake can significantly increase dehydration and is also likely to cause fatigue. Caffeine works in a similar manner. It certainly seems like a great option while you’re traveling. However, caffeine can cause serious destruction to your sleeping pattern. This can cause extremely unpleasant travel experiences.Do you get the fuzzy feeling every time you land? It’s time to leave the sleeping pills alone because they are no good. Opting for natural sleep aids is a much better option for you.

Blood circulation is extremely important during the flight. You must make the effort of moving around the plane. Short walks down the aisle can do the trick. If it’s not feasible to get up, simply exercise while you’re seated. Remember to take lots of water during the flight.3. After You Land

The problem is, despite all the practices above, the jet lag symptoms start emerging. This is very natural and nothing to worry about. Getting a lot of access to day light can help you to adjust well to the new time zone. During the day, make an effort to exercise every now and then.

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