New services and technology that will improve your holiday.

New technology and customer focused services as continuing to help us get more out of our everyday tasks. This is also true in the world of travel and now several new services are helping to make our holidays even better. I hope you enjoy learning about a few of my favourites.

The google translate app.

This is a fantastic tool to help you to communicate where ever you are going. It has over 100 different languages within its database allowing to type in a message and have it instantly translated. So that next time you need to ask for directions in Tokyo, you can just show the translated message, and they can type in any reply.

If however you are visiting a Country that speaks one of the thirty-three different voice recognised languages in the app, then you do not even need to do this. Simply speak into the phone, and a translated voice message will be played back. You can then have a response spoken back to you and the app will translate it. No more needing to rely on poor school boy French.

It also has image recognition for languages, enabling you to take photos of signs, or menus and have the software, recognise the words and then translate them for you, very useful.

Courierpoint’s luggage shipping service

Now you do not need to worry about hurting your back carrying your suitcases with you, you can arrange to have your bags collected from your home in advance.  No more queuing to check-in your baggage or waiting at the baggage reclaim on arrive. Their luggage shipping service will arrange for a reliable international courier such as DHL or FedEx to collect your bags and deliver them to your hotel before you even leave for the airport. Due to the high volume of work they do, their prices are even competitive against airline baggage fees.

Tripadvisor’s Reviews

The internet has allowed websites such as TripAdvisor to gather and publish customer reviews for hotels, restaurants and tourist destinations worldwide. As a result, you can now read the experience of other travellers who have visited the places that you are interested in going. I find that this is a very useful tool, for choosing between a short list of hotels as they usually include honest opinions on service and the quality of the facilities.

Also, I often find great tips and recommendations that I would otherwise not be aware of, such as the best rooms to request, that can make your trip that little bit more special.

Revolut Currency App

Now your smart phone, can become your foreign currency wallet, with the ability to be a pre-paid debt card in the currency of your choice. Not only is this great for security, but it also offers some of the best exchange rates around.

I hope that you will give these different apps and services a try, as I am confident that adopting new technology and services will improve the quality of your holidays.

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