Five Most Scenic New Zealand Road Trips

The most favorable way to see all that New Zealand has to offer is by hitting the road. You can take as much time as is need at each location, appreciate the views and landscapes, and stop off whenever you need a moment of rest and relaxation, and all while tuning in to your most beloved road tunes. Driving cross country in New Zealand is an adventure that takes you through cascading mountainsides, along rough drift, and through winding mountain ways. There are plenty of destinations to visit during your New Zealand drive holidays, so here’s our collection of the places that you can drive through while visiting this beautiful country.  


  1. Milford Road. Milford Road is one of the most picturesque highways in New Zealand. Starting at Te Anau, this gorgeous roadway extends to the remote Fiordland National Park, driving you to stunning Milford Sound. This blustery path is unimaginably dramatic and takes you through probably the most notable scenes you will see on any natural excursion. It includes the gorgeous Mirror Lakes, ice sheet cut valleys, and thick, lavish rainforests. This includes the Homer Tunnel, a solitary path of 1,270 meters that has been hacked through a mountain.
  2. Mount Cook Road. Embracing the side of splendidly turquoise Lake Pukaki, this roadway to Mount Cook is astoundingly delightful. The interstate takes after the lake as far as possible up the Tasman Valley, in the long run finishing at Mount Cook Village, the perfect base for investigating this dazzling national stop. The lake offers radiant sights of the unimaginably blue lake confined by rugged, snow-capped peaks.
  3. The Catlins. Located in the southeastern corner of New Zealand’s south island, the Catlins are less about tough transcending beauty and more about shocking waterfalls, tree filled vistas, and epic beachfront perspectives. They are home to various very magnificent sights, including New Zealand’s most southerly terrain point, a hugely breathtaking blowhole, fossilized timberlands, ocean lion provinces, unimaginable bluff best viewpoints, and numerous a bigger number of waterfalls. There is such a great amount of excellence to view in the Catlins that you will need more than a day to fully take all of its beauty in.
  4. Haast Pass. The course from Wanaka toward the West Coast of the South Island takes you over Haast Pass, a standout amongst the most thickly forested and most lavish areas in the nation. It extends over 140 kms and goes through a panoramic view. It’s fantastically breezy and the entire locale is brimming with dazzling climbs and waterfalls. A portion of the best little journeys include the Roaring Billy Waterfall Blue Pools walk and Thunder Creek falls.
  5. The Lindis Pass. Lying between Mt Cook Village and Wanaka or Queenstown, you’ll be sufficiently blessed to cross the Lindis Pass. This sensational snow-capped pass has a totally supernatural feel. In the hotter months, the green slopes are covered in dark colored tussock, yet in winter, thick snowfall makes the pass much more magical.

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