The Greatest Ocean Encounter

Imagine floating on the water’s surface, dining snorkel gear, a wetsuit, and a yellow flotation belt. The traveler lies flat on the traveler’s belly, Superman-style. At the same time, the traveler holds onto the snorkel board and the powerful lights beam through the dark waters below. The traveler will see little fish schooling around the lights in no time. And perhaps in case the traveler looks and observes hard, the traveler will see the small creatures swimming in and out of the lights too hard to see since they’re moving very fast. Welcome to the kona manta ray snorkel, one of the most well-known attractions in Hawaii.

The Sunset Manta Ray Snorkel

There are 2 Manta ray snorkel Kona choices. The first one is a sunset Snorkel, which starts right before sunset, where the traveler gets ready and leaves from Honokohau harbor. On the traveler’s way to the Manta site, the traveler will observe the sun set below the horizon. If the traveler happens to be lucky, the traveler will see a green flash! This is among the unique experiences the traveler will actually have because just after seeing the sunset, as the sky starts to darken, the boat will show up at the Manta ray Snorkel site. Usually, there’re some boats at the Manta ray night Snorkel spot during the sunset tour. Each boat has its snorkelers, and a few of them may have snorkelers trailing behind the boat itself. Kona manta ray snorkel Trips performs things a bit differently, however. They’ve Snorkel rafts that happen to be custom-built for our snorkelers. They can maneuver the traveler into the ideal spot to view the Manta rays while they feed using these rafts.

This means that the traveler will be more prone to see the Manta rays, especially right up near where they’ll graze right under the traveler’s face! It is those types of experiences the traveler will not soon forget. Snorkelers will giggle, curse, and shout with joy as the Manta rays feed inches from the traveler’s face. Although this does not happen to all snorkelers each night, there’s a good possibility of seeing the Manta rays every night. We observe them around 80 to 90 % of the time. This is great for a wild animal!

The Moonlight Manta Ray Snorkel

There’s another Manta ray snorkel Kona tour that we offer after the sunset manta ray snorkel. This is known as the moonlight manta ray snorkel. The fantastic thing about the moonlight manta ray snorkel is that the traveler can eat dinner and then go on the manta ray snorkel. While the traveler heads out to the location in the dark of the night, the traveler will be more likely to be at the Manta ray site with fewer boats. With fewer boats and fewer snorkelers in the water, if the Manta rays are there, the traveler will often be getting a much better show. Occasionally when we’re at the manta ray snorkel location, we’re the only boat there! This tour is usually better for adults and individuals who do not mind going to bed later. Here is to the traveler party animals!


So as the traveler can observe, the kona manta ray snorkel is a unique activity. Kailua Kona is among the Hawaiian Islands because of having this aggregation of Manta rays. The traveler will find approximately 250 various mantas that cruise reefs here in Kona.

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