The bridges of Manaslu Circuit trek

‘’People are lonely because they build fewer bridges.’’

The Manaslu circuit trek circumnavigates the eighth highest peak in the world. It is a tea house trek with the unfolding anomaly of cultural and natural beauty. The Manaslu circuit trek is undoubtedly a paradise for bridge lovers. There is a sheer number of bridges constructed by using a plethora of techniques.

Here is a list of selective, but unbelievably creative and stunning bridges:

  • Back-end-of-a-horse Bridge:

These bridges are in a big number. These are the longest bridges with at least a 50meters drop to the river. For these bridges, you need too much patience at the horse’s pace. No chance of overtaking.

  • Above-a-gorge Bridge:

These are all over in Nepal. These are made up of steel cable suspensions dozens of meters above noisy rivers. On Manaslu circuit trek you need to cross these bridges about four to five times a day.

  • The bullock-freezing glacier torrent Bridge:

This trek passes directly beneath the world’s eighth highest mountain. Water is so cold here with producing noise equal to two jumbo jets taking off at the same time.

  • The non-existent Bridge:

On the Manaslu circuit trek, you find some unseen bridges where you simply have to roll your pant legs up and get on with it. Here rocks are sharp and you need to be careful.

  • Rickety old wooden Bridges:

Himalaya trek is simply incomplete without one of these kinds of bridges. Most of them were collapsed in the earthquake in 2011.

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