The 5 Best Options for Griffith University Accommodation

If you’re interested in studying at the Griffith University, you have to know the best options for your living arrangement. The choices can range from inside the campus to outside the university grounds. With each option, you can carefully manage and organise your budget, convenience, and preference to fully enjoy your student life. There are at least five types of Griffith University accommodation available that are best for students on a shoestring budget.

When choosing to study at the Griffith University, finding a place to stay is one of the challenges you must conquer before anything else. Browse through this short list as a guide in choosing for the most suitable accommodation for yourself.

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On-Campus Accommodation

Living on campus is one of the best choices when talking about convenience. Not only will you be close to your lecture halls, labs, libraries, and other campus facilities, but you also don’t have to leave the campus grounds after a long day. If this sounds great to you, Griffith University offers on-campus accommodation. With multipurpose common rooms, internet, laundry facilities, parking, and much more provided, living on campus helps you keep an active social life with a secure environment 24 hours a day.

Short-Stay Accommodation

Short-stay Griffith University accommodation is available for students, visiting academics, and the public. Basically, this comes as a single room in a dormitory-style building that has a private bedroom, shared kitchenette, and bathroom facilities. This can also come as a private flat that contains four bedrooms and can be rented by room or by the entire unit.


Homestay accommodation offers international students, who choose to study at the Griffith University, the chance to live within a home of an Australian family. Students can experience the Australian culture and completely immerse themselves into the language to further develop their English, while host families can make friends from all around the world. This is beneficial to both the students and the families. The experience will not only be memorable, but educational as well.

Off-Campus Accommodation

With many types of accommodation to choose from outside of the Griffith University campus, it takes further research to be able to choose the ideal place to stay. One renowned place to stay for students studying at Griffith is Student One. With its location and easy accessibility for students, it’s a place where education can certainly feel at home.

Griffith University Village

One of the many types of accommodation that Griffith offers is the university village. It includes fully furnished apartments, non-crowded buses, and a residential life programme for all. The location has easy access to every campus rooms. It has many amenities as well for entertainment and has a very interactive community for all residents.

When deciding to head off for your new student life to the well-established Griffith University, you can feel at ease knowing that there are many options you can choose for convenience and affordability. Unsure which accommodation fits you or limited with a budget? You can now relax with this guide and start planning for a memorable educational experience.

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