DRAKAMOLLAN – A Country Hotel With Authentic Local Traditions

Drakamöllan, situated in the picturesque region of Österlen in Scania, is a historic farmstead dating back to the 17th century. It experienced its hay-days during the 18th century when particularly forestry provided for a considerable income. Earlier, during unstable times, Drakamöllan also formed a rusthåll that was obliged to provide a horseman including a horse and the necessary outfit for the king’s army.Farming at Drakamöllan was terminated by 1948 when the new owners inaugurated a new epoch by transforming the farmstead to an upper class home. They took an interest in preserving the cultural landscape resulting in the foundation of the local nature reserve. Drakamöllan also became a cultural meeting point for invited intellectuals including artists, musicians and poets. The unconventional interior renovations that were made gained substantial recognition amongst home furnishers and decorators.Today, with a new owner, it has taken a role as a private culinary country hotel with an embracing hospitality that attracts, among others, opera fans.From B&B to a country hotel and a cultural yard

While visiting small villages in the French Provence area the present owner of Drakamöllan, Ingalill Thorsell, learned to appreciate the “living history” of these villages and picked up the saying “A Place Where Time has Always Been”. When she saw Drakamöllan she followed her mantra, choose Österlen for Provence, and decided to make a dream come true in this very place.The beautiful and silent countryside with a moor landscape, ravines, beech forest, nearby beaches and the richness in unique local culture and art is what she wanted. Drakamöllan itself was going to keep much of its rural farmstead image and offer traditional cooking the way Ingalill had sensed it during her young ages. She furnished the home with antiquities and her customer service was going to rely on personal hospitability characterized by an embracing courtesy and joy in a tranquil atmosphere.By June 1998 Drakamöllan opened a B&B service. Guests were from the start offered a home cooked countryside breakfast and Ingalill’s genuine interest in the quests have made them “join the family”. Later, with expanding business, a dining room with good acoustic properties was designed, a proper kitchen installed and new rooms each with their own personality and story to tell (just like all the customers, Ingalill says) followed suit.With the growing demand of conference services and growing clientele the kitchen became busy and professional chefs were employed. A new culinary profile using terroir (“a sense of place”) concept and local ecological ingredients resulted in a menu with authentic seasonal crossover dishes. Ingalill continued to serve the customers with a personal touch and with more stories to tell about the dishes. All this work resulted later in two cooking books that gained national recognition and awards.Ingalill’s passion has for long been opera and together with friends from the Copenhagen opera house they organize themed opera evenings (with arias from well-known operas and operettas) that allow for the dining guests to interact with the singers during performance. These unique occasions are in high demand and always sold out.Drakamöllan is placed amongst rolling hills that provide for a natural green “amphitheater” so an annual opera festival, inspired by Glyndebourne opera, with a new concept titled “chamber-opera” was introduced outdoors. It all started with La Traviata to be followed by La Bohème, Carmen, Madame Butterfly, L’Elisir d’Amore and the Barber of Seville. This concept has also been successfully introduced in Denmark by “guidOpera”. Classical concerts organized from time to time also offer a stunning experience in such an environment.

Drakamöllan – a hidden gem for all to enjoyDrakamöllan offer authentic culinary traditions, unforgettable musical experiences and stylish accommodation in a magical rural setting with first class service in modernized 19th century facilities. In addition Österlen as a region offer many attractions and local artists display and sell their unique artwork and design. Every year in March a renowned antiquities fair is organized that is worth visiting. All this has impressed national as well as international visitors, including a demanding Japanese clientele that know what they are looking for. Drakamöllan can be reached in less than two hours from Copenhagen international airport.

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