We’ve consulted with the visa company below (Asiatic, they’re primarily based in Canada) and that they had the subsequent to say:

The authorization letter solely works if you’re flying into a world aerodrome. it’ll not work land crossings. For that you’ll have to be compelled to have a visa in your passport from associate degree embassy otherwise you can solely be entitled to the free fifteen-day visa on arrival (bound counties only)

We have uncovered a variety of recent disclaimers/warnings from varied Vietnamese Embassies regarding travellers obtaining a Letter for Visa on Arrival. you’ll scan a lot of regarding the precaution here.

Saigon additionally boasts French amount design

In Sapa, the brilliant purple mountains sink away into deep valleys, wherever terraced rice paddies feed the imagination — and also the native population. several ethnic minorities, together with the Hmong, the Dao and also Dai, create their homes in tiny hidden villages among these hills. Be conscious of movement ethically in Vietnam and during this delicate region.

The biggest drawcard in the metropolis itself is that the War Remnants repository and also the previous Palace build by the South Vietnamese rulers however not used since tanks drove through its gates in 1975 to formally finish the war. Saigon additionally boasts French amount design, easy nice food, and interesting markets. Find urged vaccinations for Vietnam here.

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