ESTA Antrag & successful travel to the USA

Have you still not filed your ESTA antrag for travel to the USA?

File it right now because you can have it all done online and to get any help is available 24/7. The United States of America does not need a visa from regular German travelers who visit the US for short business or travel trip. But an approved ESTA antrag is a must. Having this ESTA document in your record will surely make your US travel so easier without so much delay. You can think of ESTA as a pre-approval process that provides travelers ease to move fast through the vetting process upon their arrival in the United States.

What is an ESTA?

You can consider ESTA, a safety net to ensure that a traveler possesses zero security risks to the citizens of the US. Electronic System for Travel Authorization is valid only for travelers who are citizens of countries that are members of the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). It is considered a mandatory program that affects all travelers from Visa Waiver Countries, but if a traveler already holds a valid visa for the USA there will be no need for them to apply for the ESTA antrag. Approved ESTA is valid up to two years or till the expiry of your passport, whichever comes first. You only need to keep your single trip limited to 90 days and you can use the same ESTA antrag for multiple visits to the USA for two years.

Why you need an ESTA approval?

Since 2009, ESTA approval has become mandatory and to secure this approval you have a couple of options available. You are allowed to apply through the US customs, which is, of course, time taking and hectic process or it is possible to apply online and get approval quickly just like that.  Online ESTA approval is a much easier way to prepare for your short trip and it also ensures that you are not rejected mostly when you reach customs in the USA.

ESTA Antrag:

Filling out an ESTA application (antrag) online is relatively a simple process, but before starting to fill the form grab your passport and have it in hand to get some required information from it. The main focus of ESTA application is your personal information like who your parents are, where you live, what is your work, etc and this application collects your biometric information.

Questions related to your health, legal status, and relative to your character are also included in ESTA antrag. You can fill most of the information by yourself, but using an expert service is highly advised.


An expert service provides you maximum help with ESTA antrag to get approval surely in the first attempt. is a German website that helps German citizens with their problems with ESTA antrag. It provides live support for 24/7, checks manually the entered information and makes corrections if required. provides a 100% money-back guarantee and foolproof privacy of your personal information.

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