Glacier National Park is a very big park, and for a three days tour in the area, you have to make precise selections. Exploring the whole of the park needs a lot of time and thus your threeday Glacier National Park itinerary should be made based on what you love to see and do. This article will outline some of the best activities that you can engage yourself in within the three days at the park.

Day 1: Tour the East Glacier. 

The Going-To-The-Sun road.

The most astonishing thing to do while you’re in the park. This ride is the best you could ever dream of since there are very much sceneries to view. The road entails twists and turns that will one in chills. Furthermore, the road is on the verge of the mountains, thus one thrilling and fascinating ride. While on this road, you can stop to see pictures of the sceneries present in the park. There are other exciting places to make your stopover while you’re on the same road.

Trail of cedars.

You can walk along this trail of cedars. The place is a good chill spot, offering a great place for a picnic. Furthermore, the trail also leads to Avalanche Lake which is 4.5 miles away.

Logan Pass.

You can also make your stopover at this place. The Logan place is often visited by tourists who come to know about the prevailing weather conditions, animal sightings, road closures and favorable trails to follow. For hiking lovers, Logan pass offers ranger-guided hikes and offers the best hike on the whole road which is called trailhead for Highline Trail.

Snowgoose Grille.

This is located at St Mary’s lodge where you can relieve yourself after the long tour. The place offers the best dining options, and thus you should try it out.

Day 2: Whitewater rafting.

On your second day in the park, you can consider trying out rafting with highly experienced guides. You can begin by having your breakfast at the lodge, and after that, you head out for the rafts. You will be taught the basics of learning rafting and stay afloat for the whole period. There are also spots that you’ll be taken to have your lunch set up.

Belton Chalet.

After your whole day of sailing, you can make your reservation at Belton Chalet for a sumptuous supper. The place offers a range of delicacies which you ought to try out.

Day 3: West Glacier, Lake McDonald.

For this day, you’ll have to get up early to get enough time to tour all these sites. Lake McDonald is the largest lake in Glacier National Park and is the first thing you’ll see once you are at the West gate. The lake is 10 miles long offering a spectacular view together with the curvature brought upon by glaciation. The lake also has colorful pebbles underneath the water making the place even more outstanding. One can also view sunset at this lake.

Before getting to West Glacier, you’ll have to pass Kalispell which offers a great chill spot for tourists. You’ll be able to have your dinner at this place, and also get the best brews the place has to offer.

After this tour, you’ll be worn out and yearning for a sumptuous dish. West Glacier offers a range of restaurants, and you’ll need to identify the best that suits your preference and also one that provides quality food.

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