Tips for Finding a Vacation Rental

You have your destination chosen, your transportation reserved, and now you just need to find your accommodations. Whether you are camping, staying in a hotel, or want to find fully-equipped accommodations & vacation rentals Ketchikan AK, you want to avoid challenges when you try to check in. Therefore, consider the following vacation rental tips.

Vacation Timing

If you are vacationing in an area that has large events, such as festivals, conferences or sports tournaments, plan your vacation around these types of events if they are not your purpose for visiting a location. You may find many more vacation rentals and entertainment options at lower prices if you avoid high-traffic time periods.

If you plan to attend a large event, and that is your purpose for going to a specific destination at a specific time, book your vacation rental early. Many rentals are taken months in advance.

Identify Your Priorities

Vacations are not typically cheap, so you need to prioritize your spending. For example, if entertainment is your priority, you may be willing to spend less on accommodations and consider camping rather than a 5-star resort. A vacation rental may also be less expensive than lengthy hotel stays. However, if your goal is to relax on the beach, you may pay more for a vacation rental on the beach and worry less about paying for entertainment.

Research Available Rentals

Make sure the rental has enough room for you and your companions. Check the available amenities, such as a kitchen, pool or grill. Also, look over any available photos of the rental. Search for reviews and complaints about the site. In addition, investigate the property owner or manager. You want someone reputable who has managed vacation properties for a long period of time. Learn who you call if anything goes wrong, such as if the air condition quits.

If you are considering renting a vacation home during your next vacation, work with a reputable rental company.


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