Right options for cooking class vacations

The international kitchen offers cooking holidays that “farm to table”: brings you to see where the fresh, local organic food you buy is grown and its use to cook traditional Tuscan and Italian recipes: fresh pasta, hearty salads that perfect risotto and delicious desserts.

As well as seeing breathtaking scenery, you can explore the medieval towns in the area, and examine their culinary traditions of fine food and wine through meals and wine tastings. Two of the cooking classes are vegetarian and the other can be vegetarian friendly.

Typical day

The international kitchen classes are very hands-on. You will be taught in English, but you will learn a few bits of Italian culinary. Local chefs will guide you through creating simple but delicious dishes (from and other french regions) and reveal some of their culinary secrets. The Cooking Vacations groups are small (maximum 8 people) so everyone will have a chance to try their hand at each technique, from that fresh egg pasta batter to lovingly stirring an artichoke risotto to perfection.

You are free to choose and choose whether you would like to join vacation activities in the kitchen on a particular day or not. If you fancy a day of horseback riding, ballooning or just going to the beach, let us know and we will help you do just that. Car rental is essential so that you can explore the area on your own, and tailor the cooking vacation program to your liking.

Sleep and eat

Walking distance from the cooking classes take place, there will be several apartments in typical french villas or holiday apartments, ideal to use as a base. They are all self-catering, so you can have breakfast at your leisure, and when we’re not eating together, try your hand at a bowl you learned earlier in the week, or just prepare a flavorful tomato sauce and basil salad to go with local Cheese and bread. All apartments have access to a swimming pool.

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