Contemplating life without technology is impossible in modern life. Technology has become an integral part of our daily life. It has made our lives so much easier than we used to spend the whole day doing these tasks. Now we can complete these tasks in hours and minutes with the help of technology.

Planning for travel before the advent of technology was a difficult and time-consuming task. But now technology has made it easier for people to plan travel. This helps in planning efficiently in less time. Let’s talk about some of the technical factors that can make your journey more fun and easy.


It’s technology-intensive that you can arrange flight, accommodation, and activities for your trip in just a few moments. Now you have an option of e-tickets and mobile check-ins which saves you the hassle of carrying many documents.

But, still, there are some essential documents you cannot travel without and these include your passport and visa. You need to keep these sensitive papers with you when you travel abroad and in case of losing these documents, you may suffer from a real panic situation. But as we say; ‘’when there is a will there is a way’’. Tolga Akcay a successful businessman and a very positive thinker about making this world a better place has introduced the concept of Exvisa. This concept is about introducing a digital visa and passport for travel. He was working for a very long time on this technology to generate online visa and passport facilities to modernize the process of immigration. Exvisa is a foolproof technology that can surely stop illegal immigration and infiltration by fake travel documentation.

Mr. Tolga has used transparent blockchain technology to keep data and information secure from hackers. This technology provides state of the art security to the sensitive information by the process of cryptonization before transferring any personal information of an individual to the blockchain. Exvisa is going to open a brighter way of opportunities to the countries, states, and companies to chose people according to their capabilities and skills. These blockchain visa and passport information keeping technology are marvelously going to transform the traveling scenario into a revolutionized electronic visa and passport facility to travel easily with more freedom and safety.


In ancient times you needed maps or directions to get to your destination. But with your technology, you don’t have to read maps or get directions from anyone. Now Google Maps has the convenience of getting you to where you are. Google Maps gives you directions and tips to help you get better and easier wherever you are.


Staying connected with the world of travel has become much easier with technology. Because it lets you stay in touch with your loved one from anywhere in the world and at the same time keep you informed about changes in the world.


Technology allows you to gain a basic understanding of your destination. Whether you need to know the famous places there or about the weather, technology helps you to be aware of all of these things in advance.

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